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Optimized Pay Per Click


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Our Pay Per Click Service Optimizes for Leads

Pay Per Click refers to the sponsored listings you see in the search engine results. Very often the top three are shaded in a pinkish area. These are almost always commercial listings and THEY DO GET CLICKED! That's how Google makes the brunt of their revenue (and other major search engines).

Now ask yourself: "Do I want clicks or do I want leads?" Anybody can click your ad. Everytime that happens, you pay for the click. Without any other tracking system, the only thing that can be optimized is how many clicks you get for a certain budget. It becomes extremely important to choose your search terms wisely. This itself can become a full time job.


Best marketing practices always include a way to track your efforts and investment. You are looking for leads not clicks. Leads are either phone calls or form submissions. Our software tracks what keywords generate the most leads. Phone call tracking is done by using call forwarded numbers for the phone numbers. When your pay-per-click ad is clicked, your website appears but the phone number is replaced with a trackable number that forwards to the same business phone. (there is a LOT of technology to make this happen...so I'll spare you the details). Our software remembers each instance that generated a phone call. By doing a reverse look-up on the incoming calls, we also provide our clients with lead contact information. Daily reports are generated showing how much of the budget was used, how many phone calls were generated and how many forms were submitted. Here's a deidentified copy of such a report:

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