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The most important aspect of any website is it's exposure to the market interested in its contents. That seems obvious right? Then why is the most neglected aspect of any website search engine optimization. THAT seems counter productive.


Search engine optimizaion (SEO) has many components. "On-Page" SEO involves making sure your website and individual web pages are using keywords that are both popular and relevant to your business. This implies that even before a site is optimized, thorough market keyword research should be done to identify search phrases consistent with your target audience.


Web pages need to broadcast to the search engines exactly what they are about while at the same time presenting content to the audience that is ledgible, understandable and convincing. SEO parameters include things like meta-tags, alt-text (in images), header tags, keyword lists, page description and keyword use (in the content) and a number of other parameters. Optimization maximizes the visibility of these keywords without overdoing it. Search engines can tell when you're trying to cheat! We optimize using white-hat, optimization best practices that get results.


Perhaps the most difficult aspect of SEO is getting other sites to link to your site. In order for your site to rank in the top ten (that's always our goal) for a given keyword, you most likely will need to develop some links to your site from other sites.

  • Directory submissions
    Our services include extensive directory submissions. We submit your site to more than 1,500 global directories and more than 200 LOCAL directories. This helps establish a much more credible site in the eyes of the search engines, making it easier to rank for specific keywords.
  • Social Media Profiles and Bookmarking
    Social media goes far beyond Facebook and Twitter. We optimize your business profile and submit to more than 150 social media sites. We then optimize a few of these even further and teach our clients how to update. The most common social media sites that are fully optimized include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and YouTube.
  • Content Marketing
    The best SEO focuses on content. Our content marketing services start with making sure your home page and inner pages reflect the keywords you want to rank for (see On-Page SEO above). Content may be added to your site if required along with other edits and recommendations. Our copywriters then write and publish articles on the web that promote your products and services. This process increases your web exposure quite dramatically. We are so confident in the results of this program that we developed a RESULTS FIRST strategy!

You are not invoiced until you achieve 1st page search ranks!


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