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Website Technology

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Small Business Websites


Content Management Solutions (CMS) are becoming the defacto standard for business oriented websites. They afford complete creative freedom so you can have a look and feel that sets your business apart. Additionally, a business can add, edit and delete pages at will without hiring a web development person to do this. Your information will be faster to market and probably more accurate. Our services include:

  • Website upgrades
    Upgrade your hard coded site to a full content management solution. We offer the ability to maintain your same look and feel or you can opt to re-design your website appearance. We also deal with the risk of losing your existing exposure in the search engines by making sure your site picks up all the links that were in the original site. This is very often overlooked as part of a website upgrade and can be a fatal mistake!
  • New Websites
    Businesses who are new in the market or those that have never had a web presence should consider our Web Start services. A website alone will not generate phone calls! It's like a bill board errected in a pasture with no highways going by it! This package includes all the marketing research and integrates what we learn into the website development strategy. For clients who are already visible in the search results, we offer simple website upgrades (and new sites).
  • DIY Website Builder
    For clients who want to go it alone, we offer a complete DIY (Do it yourself) website builder package. This platform offers a rich website editing environment with some hand-holding if and when you need it. Features include full content management, dynamic menu builder, forms builder, built-in blogging, page layout options, multimedia integration, forums, polls, calendars etc. The platform also includes a powerful ecommerce solution for businesses who want to sell products and services online via secure web payment transactions (also included). 


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