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Email or Direct Mail?


Many small business still engage in direct mail campaigns that are expensive and ineffective. And many of these same companies sending what is essentially considered junk mail do not consider email marketing a viable direct marketing solution. Nothing could be further from the truth!

  • A much higher percentage of recipients will read an email. A good opt-in list generates 15-30% readership. A good direct mail campaign gets less than 2%.
  • Email marketing is trackable! From the eDirect dashboard, a business can see who read his emails AND who clicked his links. Imagine knowing this information and following up your email with a simple phone call.

Local Web eDirect email marketing solutions:

  • Business to Business (B2B) email marketing.

    Our clients are presented a list of 13 questions about their business. We take that information and generate 28 professional email letters in a format that has proven to generate response. We provide the fully opt-in email list as part of the program developed to target your specific market.

    A direct mail campaign addressing the same volume would easily cost $50,000 with creative and postage! In addition it would get significantly less response. For less than 10% of the cost, your response will quadruple and your access to your B2B market will be greatly enhanced. Still think email marketing is dead?
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) email marketing

    Unless you're hiding under a rock, you receive emails and newsletters of the B2C variety. The ones you don't want and didn't ask for are considered spam (even if they follow SPAM compliant guidelines). We do NOT provide consumer level lists even though sending unsolicited email is legal (as long as it meets the SPAM compliant guidelines). We do help our clients develop their own opt-in list. This starts with your existing client base. This generates a better response anyway. How often do you communicate with your existing client?

    We provide lead capture forms, fish bowl opportunities, online web forms, face book forms and a myriad other ways to help you develop your consumer list. If you attend trade shows, very often you can get the list of attendees. We then provide the platform and training to show you how to write email campaigns that get results.


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